Wellbeing at Work


At Central Wellness we work with an integrated approach to wellness  supporting individuals to take more proactive, personal responsibility for their lifestyle choices, health and wellbeing.   We can assist companies take positive steps for their employees in the workplace promoting the message about health and wellbeing within the work environment.

Many employees are desk based and this takes a physical toll on the body. It is not uncommon for office employees to experience low back pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, and neck issues.  Alongside working in a corporate environment can be stressful and demanding.

Prolonged exposure (chronic stress) has been shown to be associated with a wide range of mental and physical health outcomes, including anxiety, depression, sleep problems, back pain, chronic fatigue, digestive problems and high blood pressure.
The implications of work-related stress are associated with deterioration of productivity, higher levels of absenteeism and employee turnover.

We have a trained teachers who can deliver stress relieving mindfulness to your  business. Our services can include Yoga, Pilates, Mindfulness and informative workshops, to improve overall health, enjoying physical, mental, emotional wellbeing, and boost employee morale. Our intention is to support your employees in a fun, interactive and informative way to be more are energised, resilient and positive.

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Benefits of wellbeing programmes include:

  • Reduce stress and injuries
  • Boost team morale and productivity
  • Build employee satisfaction and loyalty
  • Reduce costs for absenteeism and turnover

We currently work with a number of different clients ranging from mindfulness or yoga sessions within work hours to weekly yoga classes after work.  Seated yoga, breathing and relaxation classes in care homes to a wide range of abilities. Charities needing to provide support to carers for wellbeing.  8 week certified mindfulness program.  Specialist workshops on topics such as stress management, relaxation tools and resilience.

Please contact us to discuss what might suit you best. Bookings for larger groups and events also available.

“If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change”
-Wayne Dyer