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Unleash Your Down Dog

  • Central Wellness Unit 2 Allenby Business Village, Crofton Rd Lincoln, LN3 4DD united kingdom (map)

Somatics and Therapeutic Yoga Workshop

with Liz Underwood

Downward Dog.jpg

Does Downward Facing Dog leave you feeling tethered at your shoulders, wrists, hips and hamstrings? 

Unleash your Dog in this workshop with Therapeutic Yoga and Somatics. 

Downward Facing Dog (Adho Mukha Svanasana) is considered a must know, essential pose in Yoga. It is a pose that is held to build strength, stamina and flexibility and is used in Vinyasa transitions, which increases mobility and strength It is also considered to be a restorative pose.

For many students though, this pose can feel more tethered than restored as our shoulders, hips and back line muscles try to release and stabilse. This is because in order to experience this pose with ease and freedom and without strain we already need mobility and stability, without these key elements, our bodies intuitively compensate, increasing load in the wrists and tension in the shoulders, spine and rib cage.

To feel true ease in this pose we will explore:-

  • your pure range of movement in your shoulders and hips and how going beyond this, you will discover how your body compensates (which can lead to further strain and tension),
  • how some cues in Yoga actually increase these compensating patterns,
  • how therapeutic practices and props  increase mobility, stability and strength,
  • alignment principles that suit your level of mobility, rather than alignment principles to suit the pose.

Suitable for all levels of experience
Cost: £20

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