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Food For Thought - A Two Workshop Series

  • Central Wellness 2 Allenby Business Village, Crofton RD Lincoln, LN3 4NL UK (map)

Wednesdays - 12 and 19 September, 6.30pm-8.30pm

with Alison Harris


We are bombarded with information on how our diet affects our weight, energy and physical health. We hear much less about the impact of food and drink on our brains. And yet what we put into our bodies hugely influences our ability to learn and our mental well-being.

In these two sessions, with Wellness Consultant Alison Harris, we will gain more understanding of ingredients that cause harm to the brain and how they are linked to depression, anxiety, learning disorders, addictive behaviour and dementia. We will discover foods that improve learning, memory and concentration and induce feelings of calmness, peace, happiness and joy and how to use them to make positive, long-lasting changes to support mental well-being and brain function.

Both sessions include learning through discussion, paired and group activities, and self-reflection.

Session 1 - 12th September
We look at how food impacts on brain function and moods generally and discuss what we are really meant to be eating.
We will discuss processed foods – what are they and how can we tell when something is processed. By looking at food labels we can identify the ‘nasties’ and discover what they really can do to our brains.
We take a shocking look at sugar and discuss what it actually is, is it natural? How much do we really consume and what happens when we do? What is the truth behind the claims, research and history of sugar and sugar substitutes and are there any healthy alternatives?
We end by reflecting on how we can make small changes to reduce the intake harmful foods in order to positively impact our mental well-being.

Session 2 - 19th September
We begin by discussing what we mean by ‘clean’, ‘whole’ food. We look at food groups and proportions and compare guidelines on this to what we actually put onto our plates. We explore how to re-balance these proportions to improve overall health.
We then focus on the ‘goodies’ – identifying specific foods that help to increase brain power to improve memory, concentration and learning processes. We also look at mood-boosting foods which trigger the release of feel-good neuro-transmitters and naturally help fight anxiety, stress and depression. 
Finally, we work together to create and share easy, tasty meals, recipes and drinks and plan how to incorporate more of these foods into our lives to promote mental well-being now and in the future.

£15 for a single workshop, or £25 for both workshops

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