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Somatics Immersion Workshop

  • Central Wellness Unit 2 Allenby Business Village, Crofton Rd Lincoln, LN3 4DD united kingdom (map)

With Liz Underwood


A New Movement Method for the New Year

"Somatic Exercises can change how we live our lives, how we believe our minds and bodies interrelate, how powerful we think we are in controlling our lives, and how responsible we should be in taking care of our total being." Thomas Hannah. (Founder of Hannah Somatic Education). 

Experience what it feels like to unravel layers of tension, tightness and pain.  Somatics improves posture, re-aligns the body, increases mobility and energy, effortlessly improves breathing and is deeply relaxing. This effective method is about re-education of the neuro-muscular connection by consciously contracting and then relaxing chronically tight muscles.  

This method is for anyone who moves with pain or tension, has poor posture, are desk bound or drives for long periods. For those with chronic fatigue or similar conditions, for anyone who trains regularly and wants to improve performance or reduce injury, or just looking for ways to slow down and find a way of moving their body in a simple and enjoyable way. 

This mindful method opens up the body in profoundly simple ways and compliments Yoga, Tai Chi, Dance, Pilates and other forms of fitness and sport.

Deepen your sense of awareness and explore how tight muscles in the centre of the body, affect movement of the arms, legs and breath.

This workshop will not only give you an understanding of Somatics, but will leave you feeling more free of tension, clearer in mind, balanced in body and amazed at how simple and effective this practice is.


Suitable for all levels of experience
Cost: £20

Earlier Event: January 20
Beginners Yoga Workshop