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Yoga for Anxiety and Stress Relief Workshop

  • Central Wellness Unit 2 Allenby Business Village, Crofton Rd Lincoln, LN3 4DD united kingdom (map)

With Liz Underwood


The Christmas season can leave us feeling frayed rather festive, heightening our sense of anxiety and increasing stress levels. We all know that this time of year demands more of our time (and money) and for some, the expectation from family can increase our stress levels, as we stretch ourselves in an attempt to keep everyone happy.

Before the final run up to Christmas day, gift yourself, just two hours on the 15th December, to press the pause button on the festivities, to de-stress and unwind, where you will learn, simple, effective techniques to enjoy this season with calmness, clarity and gratitude.

Movement, Stillness and Breath. Three ways in which you experience how to navigate your way through times of anxiety, overwhelm and stress to help you find emotional balance.

Movement:- Through simple Yoga and Somatics, (Somatics in particular is effective at releasing unconscious holding patterns of tension) to ease the mental and physical agitation often felt when anxious,or tired and wired when stressed. 

Stillness - Through the practice of Restorative Yoga. This practice uses props such as blankets and bolsters which supports the body in such a way, we can comfortably sense an inner stillness and quiet. This practice also restores energy which becomes depleted when our sympathetic nervous system becomes heightened.

Breath - You will be guided to feeling and following your breath through the class, As we unwind tension our breath deepens and then simple breathing techniques will be explored to anchor the mind and calm the nervous system. 

These methods are an invitation to learn techniques which will empower when you are going through times of anxiety, overwhelm and stress. 

Suitable for all levels of experience
£16 / £14 for series pass holders